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I'm Search Man, okay?

Plushes Auction Reminder

Hey guys! Just about one day left (and some odd hours).

The auction ends on Sunday July 29 at 7 PM U.S. EST time zone. Follow the picture to go to the original post if you are interested in a big amount of pokedoll and banpresto plushes!

Getting in the mood to sell got me in the mood to finally pop open my collection boxes and get something nice on my desk. So I figured I would post a collection post

I mostly like making motifs with my toys since I do not collect any particular pokemon as a #1. So far I only had the energy to resurrect my "good vs. evil" desk setup, this time basically mostly all as zukan. I like for nothing to really obscure anything else too much, otherwise I would cram this with even more...I initially started with 26 pokemon on the "good" side and 22 on the "evil" side before toning it down.

Most of the placement of pokemon here is based on the anime, manga, or Giovanni/Team Rocket in the first game - almost all of the good side is just Ash pokemon! Nothing here is a value judgement about the worth of a pokemon, just me having my own fun. Most of the "evil" side are things that were used by Giovanni in the games or bad guys in the anime at some point. To further the image I have the "evil" side disorganized, everyone doing their own thing, two different sets of pokemon fighting their rivals. Beedrill is just chilling like a villain, probably muttering something crazy to itself to get geared up for the fight. The "good" side I tried to make very family based, no one is fighting each other, everyone is looking to the other side ready to win for justice (too bad Mewtwo will just destroy everybody......!) I would really like to make this Ash/Misty v Giovanni/Lt. Surge in fact, I think it would make a lot more sense than Brock as a bad guy, especially with Mewtwo involved!

One FINAL note, Sonic and Metal Sonic simply ended up fighting so fast that they are already on the wrong side of the fight :D




oops I forgot to arrange the pins...and it still almost all worked out! sorry Weezing!


Hope you enjoy it if you decide to click through!
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