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wanting a bootie glaceon 'doll

Me again with a quick post. <3

One of my nieces has a birthday coming up and she's really in awe of my Pokemon collection so I thought I'd try and get her something. I asked her which Eeveelution she liked the best (since she loves my 12" Vappy, haha) and she picked Glaceon. Since she's still young I don't want to spend $20+ on a legitimate Pokedoll that's gonna have the stuffing beat out of it and/or get lost one day, so I'm seeking a cheaper bootleg.

Image ganked from eBay XD

I know they're all over eBay, but I'm asking here for a few reasons:
   - I checked eBay already and most of the listings have high shipping costs.
   - I want to see the 'doll before I buy it. I don't want a super ugly one missing its hair. XD
   - I'm going to double check myself, but I want to know beforehand that it's not harmful.
   - I'd prefer not to directly support a bootleg seller.

I'm in Canada and from my experience shipping is roughly $3, give or take. My ideal price is around $5 shipped (excluding fees), so approximately $2 for the plush. I'm willing to pay a little more though, especially if shipping is higher than a flat $3, so just shoot me a price and we'll talk!

Thanks guys ♥
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