"Kaela" (pokabubu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokedoll Tags Database? Pikachu Gets/Wants!

Hello community!
So I have been all over google, photobucket, LJ, deviantart (ect. ect.) looking for scans of the 2010-2012 US release pokedoll tags. I have had absolutely no luck... the internet has never failed me like this before. So I was wondering if anybody decided to go through with the "tag database" because if not I think we should really make one. I have a few tags to contribute myself, and if nobody is working on this then lets start!

If you have any scans that I can use, or know a link, please let me know! .... Any help is very much appreciated! I found the eeveelu ones, so I am going to use those. But if you want to help creat a tag database, or have any progress on one plase comment below and maybe we can get something together or something.

To make this post less boring I have a few new gets! 
Pikachu Pokedoll US, Surfing Pikachu Tomy, and Rainbow Series balloon pika! I love, love, love them all so much! Thanks to the people that helped me obtain these!
Also, here is my wants list. Please check it out (especially if you have some rainbow series pikachus)
Tags: pikachu
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