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Hi, folks! After lurking around here for a few weeks, I've finally decided to join pkmncollectors! So it's, y'know, exciting. Anywho, I guess this'll be my intro post!

I've been a fan of the franchise since the days of Red and Blue, and subsequently played all the handheld until Black and White. Throughout my years, I've acquired a somewhat decent assortment of plushes and merchandise, from an Elekid plush to random Pikachu figures and from a Mewtwo tin box to a recently acquired Lugia pokedoll and many more thingies, though most have been misplaced and/or lost when I moved across the country a few years ago. So I'm rebuilding my collection from the ground up!

As you can probably tell from my profile picture, I really rather like Kabutops. The Kabutops tomy figure was the first Pokemon toy I ever had, and also one of the first that I lost back many years ago. I was lucky enough to find and buy an ebay buy-it-now of that same figure about a month ago, and random browsing for more Kabutops led me to this wonderful community! ^_^

And that about wraps it up! I'm currently on the lookout for any small figures of Kabutops, particularly a Metal Collection or a Mini Model, since I got a nifty display box from Home Depot (above) that needs filling. Anyone have any ideas as to who might have any for sale? 
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