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Hi there Members Of pkmncollectors, I'm Fireferretz, And I've loved pokemon since.... forever i guess?
Anyways, I have a smallish collection, and one of the Items has no tush tag, or hangtag, I got it from ebay from a guy up in Shropshire, But i was wondering if anyone could help me Identify It? It's a Bulbasaur Plush -

Can Anyone tell me what this little cutie Is?   Solved!

On to my Sorry Excuse for a Collection :D~

This Is My Main Figure Collection + Display.
It's a mix Of Small Mini Figures, Kids, Pokeball Battle Spinners, Jakks, And Other Figures.
Closeups Of the Figures -
Ignore The Husky, He Snuck In!
That Dirty Pikachu is my Prize Possession. He's my Oldest Surviving Toy, lost his tail on a trip to my school, and Coloured in with Permanent Marker by my Idiot of a cousin. He's an Ol' War Veteran :)

That Torterra Is one of those battle spinners, that fly out of the pokeball. The Ball to the Left is what he Belongs to, And the one On the right was a palkia, of which, sadly, My dog destroyed.
Plush Time~
Here In the UK we Don't Get A Lot Of Pokemon Merch, Unless its Imported, But a Famous UK Plush Making Company Churned out 6 New Pokemon Plushies, All for the New Series Of Pokemon Black and White, Rival Destinies.
I Have All 6, Got them when my Local store First got a shipment of them.

My Most Beloved of the 6 Is Tepig, He's so cute!

Next We Have my Three Eeveelutions, I think Umbreon may be a bootleg, looking at his Lamp's blotches of white.

Now We Have My Hasbro Bulbasaur, I Snagged him from a bid on Ebay for a Wonderful price, he was used, and had a bit of dust and a small stain on his tush. not to worry though because he's Super Cute!

And That's My Small Collection. I Hope It Grows Bigger, and I'll Keep you guys Posted for If and when it Does!

Oh boy i hope i did this right. haha ^^;
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