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Collection website FINALLY up to date, a new ish want, pokedoll question, and TOSHO CON

After a ton of work, my collection website is finally up to date. It took. FOREVER. To document all of my plush. And I still have some plush on the way, and still haven't documented all of my MISC items. But here it is. The drawing on the homepage was done by me, btw:


As for my new ish want...

My boyfriend actually bought me the N clearfile folder that I've been hunting down off Pokevault <3 So now that my number 1 N want is out of the way, I have my eyes set on these two things:

can badge

And is this even out yet? Because I super want it!!!

I'm willing to go a little over 10 dollars for the can badges if I have to, and I know the metal fasteners would go around 13 ish dollars? I also wouldn't mind the N keyring if anyone has it for cheap, but I'm more interested in the badges and metal fastener, if it's out.. But again, I'm after any and all N merch!! So please, if you have any for sale or are willing to sell, let me know on a price and we can talk.

Now for my pokedoll question...

What's the difference between the japanese Zorua pokedoll and the US pokecen plush zorua? And why is Victini a pokedoll, where as Musharna is a pokecen plush? Is the japanese Musharna a pokedoll? Are there any other US  BW Pokedolls other than Victini? This whole thing is oh so very confusing to me!!!

And Tosho con!!! I will be there this Saturday selling at artist alley and I was wondering if anyone else is going/should we plan a meetup? It's a one day, very small, and very free con in NY! Let me know if you will be attending and I would love to meet up

Thanks for reading guys!!
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