lugidog (lugidog) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hello everyone! Wants/Gets Lillipup Line

Well, this is my first post to the community, and my first post to Livejournal in general (so bear with me, please, I'm a complete newbie ;3)

I love to collect the Lillipup line of merchandise (in particular Herdier, but there's not much of him as far as I know), mainly because they're terriers, and my whole life, I've had miniature schnauzers in my family.

Whole (tiny) collection
Currently, this is my whole collection (sorry about the camera quality, my good one is currently away from the house for a while), though I have a Stoutland cinematic ver. plush and a Stoutland clipping figure in the mail.

If you're trying to sell any official merch or any nice custom made items (no bootleg stuff if it's trying to mimic the official thing, but "unique" bootleg stuff is ok), please let me know! I am located in Canada.
Tags: herdier, lillipup, stoutland
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