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Zukan GB and Ebay lots for sale~

Screen shot 2012-07-29 at 4.24.47 PM
I just bought the newest Pokemon movie zukan set, it is on its way to me and I'll keep everyone updated on its arrival since its coming from Japan. Each zukan will be $13 shipped. 

White Kyurem Overdrive: SlothyShroom
Black Kyurem Overdrive: Prawnographer
Resolute Forme Keldeo: Prawnographer
Meloetta Pirouette Forme:Drifloonx
Emonga/Meowth/Piplup/Squirtle set: SlothyShroom

Comment below to claim a zukan.
I also put up these two toy/plush lots back up on ebay. I lowered the prices for both as well. I will not be splitting these lots but if anyone is willing to GA them, go for it!
Screen shot 2012-07-29 at 3.06.24 PM  Screen shot 2012-07-29 at 3.10.03 PM
~Click images above to be redirected to auctions~
*Swimming Milotic line zukan
*Charizard line zukan
*Ninetails line zukan
*Flygon line zukan
*Crobat tomy
*Krookodile MPC
*Absol Pokedoll
*Luxray Banpresto Plush
*May/Manphy Diorama
*Anything Shroomish/Breloom
*Anything Slakoth/Vigoroth/Slaking

I have this mint Luxray line zukan if anyone would like to trade for it with anything on my want list. <3

A Mien update is in the works! More soon.


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