Pokéborg (ibburger) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hi all!

I'm Ingeborg, and I've just joined your community :) I saw a post I did on my journal that showed up here. I didn't know it would, I made it so that the admin would see that I'm comitted and not just a blank journal :) That post sounded like I was a familiar member with an anticipated update, which isn't the case yet, so I thought I'd introduce myself properly :D I have just started a little collection from scratch consisting mostly of eeveelutions. I’m crazy about them :) Vaporeon is my favourite Pokemon btw, closely followed by Vulpix :)

I've loved Pokémon from the very beginning <3 I collected cards and toys as a child, but at a point I gave everything away so it's now lost. When my friends grew too old for Pokémon I felt childish and ashamed playing by myself so I convinced myself I too had grown up. So I gave away my pokemon merch in my denial. I still bought Emerald and LeafGreen and played them for years without anybody knowing. I kept my gameboy hidden inside my pillow covers x) I have stopped denying what I like so I now play my DS -, and will soon display my Pokémon plushes and figures, like it was the most natural thing in the world :) haha, I just love it too much! ^^

And I also wanted to throw in a quick question while I'm browsing on eBay for cards. Are fake holofoil playing cards a problem, and how do I know if a card is fake? I don't know the new cards so I have no clue haha. The holofoils looks so fancy with the whole card being shiny and stuff, it makes me suspicious :P

I will update when more of my stuff gets here, I've only gotten a couple of plushes, two figures and some charms yet :) I'm really looking forward to getting to know you, I'll talk to you soon :D
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