Brittiny (karoia) wrote in pkmncollectors,

random quick sale~

I am looking to sell this Keldeo custom plush~ I know there are some Keldeo fans out there!!! More info is under the cut! ^^

sorry for the photos! lighting kinda made it yellowish! :P

Here he is next to a Regigigas pokedoll for size reference! So he is bigger then a pokedoll!

He is made from fleece and has acrylic painted eyes.

Looking for $30 for this guy, or best offer~

Shipping is $7 minimum as I am in Canada. That is the shipping to the US. Elsewhere, you'd have to ask as it will be more.

Any questions or comments let me have 'em!

Thanks for looking ^o^ have a good day/night!
Tags: keldeo, sales
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