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SuperMegaUltimate Collection Update...

Hi! I'm Wrabbit! Lots of you totally already know me ;u;

When I last did an update it was really not much to brag about, but please... brace yourselves @___@


*cut here is image heavy, bewareeee*

Here it iss!!!

Whoaa!!! Isn't it great? I moved recently so i have this really nice space to put my collection!!! I'm so happy, yo!

Here you can see my Croagunk backpack, the large one on the right side, and there is some sort of finger puppet (?) in front of it. I have the 5" light-up-cheeks Banpresto Croagunk, and the one on the left side is the Croagunk hand puppet :)

Here is one of my more recent gets, the Contest plush!! :D I've been lusting after that one for a very long time, then found it on SMJ. Also, by sheer coincidence, aarux drew me a pic of this plush when i bought the Croagunk attack kid from them!! Crazy >u<
There's also the Croagunk VS Aipom card in the back, and the Croagunk Bromide. The other random flat in the back is a DVD (it's region locked so I can't play it on my computer *shrug*.

croagie collect
I apologize for the shoddy quality, but I can't really afford a proper camera at this time ;u;
Anywho, here is dat sexy laying Croagunk!! I think I won him at an auction, and I really don't like participating in auctions! My Pokedoll is behind him, as well as a big Croagunk face peeking out (it's a messenger bag by Sorjei!)
My many Croagunk cards are behind that, as well as the charms for Croagunk and Toxicroak! You know, I've never gotten any of these charms before, I thought they'd be larger than this? Oh well!
In the front, the figures are... Jakks, 2 attack kids, 2 regular kids, a mysterious figure, battle eraser with Croagunk on it, Jakks marble and I don't think you can see it but there is a handmade friendship bracelet I commissioned.
At the bottom you can see stickers, a ramen packet (really old >.<) and the Croagunk postcard with a mirror on it, so you can be a beautiful Croagunk too!

I have a shopping bag from the promotion!!! I wish I was actually there though >.<" That would've been too cool... On the other side is another bag from that time. My pan stickers are here, I think I have most of them.

I think it is a Toy Factory plush? I got this for a pretty good price from someone on the comm :)
Then, here is the miracle baby Halloween Croagunk plush! He was generously sold to me by someone here on the comm after I asked for some wants ^ ^
You can also see the sitting Nuigurumi. He's in tip-top shape!

Ah! One of my favorites! This hat!!! It's so... beautiful *u* Here I am making it look good (LOL NO)
It says "Gureggru" on the back, and has an ADORABLE picture of Croagunk on the bottom of the brim, so that when I look up, there he is! This is a kid's hat, by the way, and since my head is so tiny, it works on my head! I wear it everywhere, but I keep the tags in a good shape in a safe place.

The final piece of SWAG!!! A custom by myself! I take my Croagunk wallet everywhere eue

Ahh that took forever and a half... Please enjoy >.< and tell me what you think!


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