zoruaplush (zoruaplush) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Commision get!

Since there isn't that much Ducklett merch out, i commissioned a friend for a lovely ducklett crochet. :)


God, it's just so ASDFGHJKYFDJ.<3 Also my little cousin traded one of his cards to get me a ducklett sticker from his friends book. ;A;  <3

Also, a question. Does a ducklett Retsuden stamp even exist? I KNOW I've seen a Swanna one. I'M NOT CRAZY OKAY? ;A;

Also looking to buy these babiesss ;D I'm only really looking for ducklett. But I guess if I have to buy both I will. ^-^


One more thing, my partner in crime for life and I's anniversary is coming up here shortly. And he loves him some quagsire and quagsire accesories, I tell you what. I'd like a bunch of random old, used whatever cheap things. I have a lock and a jakks figure as of now. :3 I'd honestly rather buy him many cheap little things than one big expensive one, he doesn't care. He just loves him some quagsire. <3


Thank you for reading, have a spiffy day! <3

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