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new collector and new to journals!

hi, my name is Abbey and I'm new to live journal and thought i should introduce myself. I've never done anything like this before so please bear with me :P. I'm from the UK and mostly collect pokemon plushes however I am completely seduced by all things related to Mew! I also love all fire types and Lucario merch. 
most of my small collection has been acquired in the last year and I received another 7 for my birthday in july. However the large Charizard has been in my life since I was 8!  

my little collection

There are a couple of items I am looking for as well if anyone has any or knows where I can get them would be a great help! :). Firstly is this 2007 Mew by Tomy. It's just so fuzzy and adorable I have to find one :3. If anyone has one available please let me know the price and shipping to UK and i will get back to you :)

1320211478 (1)

1/1 TOMY talking mew
secondly is the 1/1 talking mew. I narrowly missed getting one of these on eBay a while back and have been struggling to find another since! again if anyone has one please let me know. 

Really looking forward to getting to see other people's collections on livejournal, there seems to be so much variety here :D
Tags: mew, plush, tomy
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