Benny Woolley (lucario) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Benny Woolley

Looking for umbreon/espeon decal!

Chibi Stampers GA: Still on the way over here, after setting off a bit back. I think the Olympics security check stuff might be playing merry Hell with the speed of parcels. :( I've had two things take over 35 days to reach me lately.
I am not accountable for things taking a long time to reach me, so please don't start paypal disputes for your shipping cost.

Beastly Legendary myvampirelust19 GA: I paid last week, we just need to wait for myvampirelust to have time to post the big box! Stuff will be ready to post as soon as it gets here. :) Still waiting on two payments, so I'll combine those with payment 2 for you miscreants!

I am looking for this small glittery phone decal:
Pokevault has (them for a ridiculous price). please let me know what you'd take for yours with shipping.
I got my original one for about $5 last year, and used it on my 3DS. I thought it would peel off when I needed to trade in the 3DS for an XL this week, but it was permanent! Ohnoes! :'( I had to destroy the decal to clean the 3DS up.

If nobody has one, I will probably just vectorise the logo and make a custom vinyl decal myself, but as these have to be cut and printed in a sheet of 6 or 8, it's pretty wasteful. Not sure if I could even offer those on the comm. :s
Tags: espeon
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