Brent (shinysuicune) wrote in pkmncollectors,

giant update of pokegreatultramasterball proportions!

Hey guys! As the title states, we have a HUGE update here! I've received soooo much stuff over the last couple of weeks and it feels amazing to be collecting (and having fun doing it) again! So, as a result, here we have a big update...
Get ready for action!

This is my Pokedoll tag display! :D I know, I know, don't cut the tags. Well, I do, because I'd rather keep them safe than risk them tearing or bending while on the plush because I have a tendency to throw wild parties with them because I'm a responsible adult.

And here is my latest bottlecap get, a Kyurem! I was shocked to see these guys at walmart one day, but sadly I didn't have any, a couple of weeks later, I ran up and grabbed one! It really is a beautiful figure, and it goes well with my Reshirams, as I intend to have at least a couple of small normal Kyurems thrown in. ^^
(not to mention my bottlecaps!)

Oh man, look at this glorious little army of kids. ;-; I need more! MORE! They're just awesome little figures!
I literally want to save up some cash just for these guys, and order an entire bag of these guys for my collections. XD There's nothing better than covering your hands in them.

Kyurem is in here again...You're pretty, but get outta here, bub. >:(
Anyway, here is the Reshiram diorama figure! I saw this guy in a sales post, and FREAKED out while rushing to type a comment for him(so much so that I misspelled quite a bit). I was pining for this guy for a while, and couldn't find him in stock for a reasonable price. But lo and behold, here he is! He's a little smaller than I thought he'd be, but wow! Such amazing detail!

Okay, so...

Er. I mean RESHIRAMS. Yes, they've taken over the top tier of my shelves! My collections had been torn down recently to be cleaned due to us sanding the upstairs to make way for a massive poke-mural I'm painting! So, while I started putting them all back, I decided to switch things around some. As Reshi has stolen my heart, he gets lots of room to grow. :D Look how pretty my angel-dragons are! Hopefully soon, more will be on the way. ^^

And last but certainly not least...
Wha...a Pikadoll? I've already got one...?
That's right, children. DX Pikadoll, aka Pikthurnaax. not addicted to Skyrim at all He is big and gorgeous and wow. I've been carrying him around everywhere since I got him, and he's just perfect. He's now the pride and joy of my Pokedoll collection, and he has captured the heart of not only myself, but my family as well. Not to mention it's fun and mindboggling to show people the tiny Pikadoll they're all used to next to him. ;-; Good times.
But anyway, thank you so much, rachelled!!! Without her, I might not have one of these plush at all...but more importantly, it wouldn't be Pikthurnaax! :'D

Phew that took forever. I like LJ's new photo-uploading interface, but the pictures come out WAY too big and aren't easily edited. ._. Oh well.

Oh! ALSO! Is anyone else doing pickups at the kiosk in Washington? I am interested in an Eevee if you are picking up in the next couple of weeks. I did post a comment to ladylale, but I'm posting this just in case something happens with her.
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