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Wants ~ Any Tepig Merch? [EDITED]

Okay So I Can't actually buy anything at this moment in time, as i've Just had to foot an expensive vet fee for my Dog, and I've had to buy an Expensive gift for my Nephew's Birthday, As it's his first birthday this year.

But I'd Really Appreciate it if you guys could List as much Tepig Merchandise as you can, so i can list it down, as I'm hoping to become a Tepig Collector.

It'd Help me Out a Ton, Thanks Guys :D

So Far I Know Of -
TY Tepig Plush
Tepig Pokedoll
Tepig McDonalds Toy
Tepig Sleeping Plush
Tepig Backpack
Giant "Toy Factory" Fairground Tepig
Pokemon Center 1:1 Tepig
Talking Tepig
Tepig Pokemon Card

Okay So Now Looking at some collections that this may take some time and money, So I Might just complete it One Item at a time. I'll Start With Plushies.
So Heres The List, Tell me If I've Missed Anything C: -

Ty Plush
DX Chibi Banpresto Plush
Large 'Toy Factory' Fairground Prize
TOMY Plush
Pokedoll Plush
Talking Tepig Japanese + English
Pokemon Center 1:1 Tepig
Sleeping Tepig Large + Small
Backpack Buddy Tepig
Best Wishes Ichiban Kuji
Tepig Head Pillow
TOMY plush puppet
Jakks Tepig
Pokemon Center 2010 Tepig Plush
2011 Banpresto UFO Game Catcher Prize Large Size Tepig
2011 Banpresto UFO Game Catcher My Pokemon Collection Tepig
7-11 Exclusive Store Tepig Mini Plush
2011 Canvas Series Tepig
2011 Tepig Children's Hat
2011 Tepig Mini Pokedoll + Ball Point Pen
2012 Type Focus Campaign Tepig Mini Mascot Plush

this is gonna take awhile

Also Guys It'd Be a Huge Help if you Tried to Not post the same item twice ^^"[

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