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Dragons Exalted ~ Gets, Wants, and Mini-Sales

Hello everyone, yesterday I went to another TCG Pre-Release event. The newest English set is called Black&White Dragons Exalted, and it introduces a brand-new type (for the TCG game), the Dragon type! :O (It was introduced about 6 months ago for the Japanese)

I didn't get any super-rare dragons, but you can see the beautiful promo Altaria, along with my other gets and a wishlist under this cut. :]

The holographic Altaria promo, showcasing the new Dragon type. I don't understand the symbol really... It just looks like a weird letter G to me. s:

Here's the deck box that was given out. Two awesome dragons. :) Personally I like Origin forme better, and think its serpentine form would have matched with Rayquaza better, but whatever.

Aaand here's my reverse-holo Garchompy

In my very last pack, I got a full-art Registeel EX. :o I'm not a collector of Registeel, but the grooved texture and detailing of the card is beautiful in my opinion. It's up for sale in my sales post (link below).

At the prerelease event, I also happened to meet up with two other pkmncollectors members! miss10 and danielsard2! (Miss10 mentioned it in her post yesterday!)
I was paired VS Daniel in the 2nd round of the tourney. Afterwards, Miss10 came over to talk to him, and I noticed some of her pokemon merch (particularly her Golduck 151 pin). I just had to ask if she was on pkmncollectors... and she is! and daniel revealed to me that he is as well.  What a funny coincidence haha. =P

Dragons Exalted Wanted List:

Vulpix (RH)
Ninetales (both RH and normal)
Cubone (normal not RH)
Aron (RH)
Aggron (RH and normal both)
Gabite #88
Gabite #89
Garchomp #90
Zweilous #96
Hydreigon #97
Hydreigon #98
Braviary #112

(I am also looking for a few secret rares, but cannot afford those atm!)

If you have any of these cards I'll be happy to throw some money at you :) Or trade with something from my sales!

As usual I also have a few spares from this set for sale, which I added to my permanent sales post:

Most notably there is a full-art Registeel EX, and I have also decided to part with my Legendary beast trio sleeves (they're from the HG/SS era).

BTW, here is a video completely related to my Registeel.
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