milomilotic11 (milomilotic11) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Feebas Get c:

Hi community!
Just a regular gets post.

Today I got another Feebas item, but hes special because he is my first paid for custom 

Hes so freaking cute!
I love the way hes made! Especially his base x3
(Lol, hes just like those new Pokedoll Figures)

Hes such a great addition to my Feebas Collection (Which might be the biggest Feebas Collection :3)

Here he is off his base, as you can see there is a peg sticking out so he wont fall backwards.

 Close up of the Pokedoll Tag Base

Annnnnd Solo Feebas:D
Hes so cute, and derpy xD

If you guys are wondering who made him, Somerandomband on dA made him!
And she let me name my price-$5! What an awesome price :D

Thanks for looking c:

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