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Gets, Tiny Wants and First Collection Post

Hey everyone, I haven't made a post since my Introduction but I got my last lot of recent purchases from the community today (except my Meloetta and Axew) so I thought I would finally get around to making my collection post, as small as it is.

I did take pictures of my collection in three parts for closer looking but they came out blurry so these will have to do.
(sorry if any of them are too big)



You can see on the far right the beginnings of my Shedinja collection (plus the Ninjask kid, he sort of counts anyway). Only three things I know, but it's more than I had before I joined the community so I'm not complaining. :3 I plan on commissioning someone to make me a Shedinja plush at some point because it would be adorable. :c

In the middle are my chou gets, teeny bootie Munchlax and a still sealed Empoleon stylus.

And on the left are my randoms. Including the BK Kangaskhan, tape, pad, Masterball with stickers aaaaand Bulbasaur roller that I've had since since forever.

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Snorlaaaaaaaax pokedoll. Bought for me by the amazing herar. <3


Those right there are my gets from the community so far, thank you to the people I got them from. :3

Sorry for the terrible photos, my camera hates me and I still haven't got used to it.

Aaaaand I have a sort of teeny want(s). If anyone has any sort of pokemon stationery (like the teeny pad and tape in my gets) I might be interested in buying some if you let me know what you have. I'm not making any promises to buy everything you might show me but I'll probably buy something if I like it.
More specifically if anyone has the Gen 3 tape then I'm verrrry interested depending on price.

Thanks everyone!
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