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Reminder of wants.

It's been a while since I posted about this, I'm still looking for a few more of the 151 Pokemon figures. The ones that go in this:

(this is an old picture, and I've filled in a lot of the missing ones thanks to you guys!) The figures have the Pokemon's number and "BP" stamped into the back. They're small, like an inch tall. I need:


So if you have those, please let me know! I've paid about $2 plush shipping per figure for the other ones, but I can do more if needed. Just let me know, and help me finish this frame so I can stop posting about it!

Other wants, As always, this:

I swear, I found the actual Pikachu car, but I still can't find this. It's frustrating. If you have it, please let me know and we'll work a price out. I am a desperate woman. I'm also desperate for anything else relating to the Pikachu Volkswagen Beetles. Any magazine that mentions them, or anything else you might have. If you aren't willing to part with the magazine, please at least let me know the name/issue so I can try and find it. Once again, desperate!

And this:

I'm looking for the Ash and Pikachu. Has this even been released yet? For some reason I thought it was coming out the first part of July, but I haven't seen any around here, so tell me if I'm completely off. I've no idea what it's worth, can anyone enlighten me? Thanks for all the help, everyone! So it's out, and on Y!J. I'm still hoping to find one here, as I think it'll be dangerous to my bank account if I figure out how to use Noppin. :P So keep me in mind if you ever have one to sell!

One other want and a what the heck do I do now question under the cut!

I've been hunting for this guy for a while. He was everywhere for $20 then when I finally decided to get him, he was sold out. I don't know what he's worth now, I would be ok with no tag and slightly loved condition. Also would love to have the big one with the party hat shown on the tag.

Lastly, I'm stuck. I've been promising since I joined in January to do a collection post. I promised I'd get shelves up, and show off all of my 5,000+ Pokemon items. I did get shelves up, but then I looked at the mounds of boxes and plushies and flats and I just keep putting it off. Problem? This:

The problem? This is a very small part of my collection. And you can see I ran out of room, I thought "Oh yeah, I'll put all the Pika's on one shelf and have room to spare!" ha.. no. They're all hiding behind each other so you can't tell at all how many are really there, then of course I ran out of room completely. I didn't take a picture of the rest of my room because, honestly, it's embarassing. When I say mounds of Pokemon items, I really mean it. I do have one other wall of shelves, and I'll eventually be putting more shelves up. But my question is, how do you organize your collection? I know it isn't much problem for people that only collect specific Pokemon, but my problem is I collect Pokemon. All Pokemon. So should I go by generation? Size? Color? Brand? I'm so stuck. Help! 

edit: long post isn't long enough. I decided to throw in a bonus Pikabug update. It's a wittle one!

Can you tell what's new? Hubcaps! I finally saved up enough money to replace those hideous chrome things. These look exactly like what was originally on the car, except I found some with the yellow logo, which I think it totally adorbs. The only other thing I've done is replaced a broken light inside the door, yeah not interesting. Sorry, still no ears or tail. Hubby got sick and had to go to the emergency room, so there went all saved money, and then some. He'll be fine, but Pikabug might cry a little, because it'll have to stay naked for a while longer!

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