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Plush Packing Advice? [Noppin-related]

Hi everyone! I hope you're doing well =)

I find myself in need of a little advice concerning plush packing, especially big plushes, to avoid damaging the plush... and in general, a bit of advice regarding Noppin's packing methods...

Thing is, I managed to get this little baby from Y!J through Noppin, along with a few smaller others, and seeing its size and shape, I can't help but wonder about the packing that'll be used to ship it to me...

It's a DX UFO Skymin, and as you might imagine, my top concern is the ear-horn things... is the plush going to be stuffed tight in a box to save space? Would that cause un-fixable damage? If so, since I can send special packing instructions, how should I ask for it to be packed? I'm worried about this because I'm always going for MWT, MIB, MIP stuff... and if the tags, boxes or packages get damaged it'd be horrible =(

It's my first experience with Noppin, so I haven't much to go on yet, I don't know if they're usually careful with this sort of thing (plush-part squashing and the like), or even if they are minimally careful with the tags so they don't get bent or scrunched when packing the plush... or in case of small boxed items (like Kid figures), if they're careful so that they don't get squashed either.

For little boxed items, I know they rarely get damaged if they're packed together and covered with some bubble wrap, usually forming a bigger box's shape. For the rest, I'm not sure what's best...

Should I merely ask them to be careful with the little boxes and packages, and try to pack it so plushes' tags don't get bent or anything, or is this kind of packing request too general? Also, since I think they add some sort of fee for re-packing, I'd like to know some experienced Noppin users opinions on this... to what extent is it worth requesting special packing for these kind of things?

Also, on a side note... considering cases of relatively big plushes like this one, what would be best, to ship everything in smaller packages, or ship them together (which increases the package's size in turn)? Since it ships via EMS I don't think they charge fee for large packages, according to the info on the site, but then... should I worry more about the package's value due to customs when it reaches my country (which is Spain, btw)?

I know it's a long list of doubts... maybe I'm just being a bit paranoid about it, and there's nothing to worry about because Noppin knows what to do... that's why I'd like to know what people who use Noppin more often think about this.

All help is greatly appreciated! =) 

PS. I promise my next post will be a lot more interesting! I just have to clear this so I can stop worrying so much! >.<
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