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Some quick sales including some rare Gachapon Mystery Dungeon Merch and Zukan!



  • All community rules apply
  • Default shipping is First Class is a bubble mailer. Please specify if you want tracking/insurance/etc. I am not responsible for lost items once they've began transit--get delivery confirmation if you're worried!
  • I currently accept paypal only
  • I ship from NY, USA!
  • I am not responsible for items lost in the mail. Scans of shipping labels/receipts can be requested.
Sales permission was granted by dakajojo in October.

Feedback is here


Flygon Zukan Piece - Offers start @ $7. HE IS MISSING HIS TAIL! Still a great piece if you want to sculpt your own tail for him. (it's not snapped off, it's a two-piece setup and he just has an empty hole in the back). Offers will end about 3 days from this post. peg and base not included (only there so I could photograph him).

Tropius Zukan Piece - $12 (what I paid). Excellent condition, from Slothyshroom's GA (selling because I have two). Note that one wing in his back is stuck in, and the other is snapped in two pieces when taken out. He appears as MINT when his wings are attached, though!

Heracross and Chikorita TOMYs from Ash and Friends TOMY set. $5 each, MIP.

Japanese Articuno Zukan - $25. Excellent condition besides corrosion on its peghole which isn't noticeable when assembled.

1999 Sugimori Horsea Cardass - $5.

Pegless Moltress Zukan - $7. Includes base

Thanks all!

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