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The Five Muskedeers Are We!

I'm sorry to post so soon, but my package from denkimouse arrived shockingly early O_O I really wanted to share with you a photostory before I go on vacation on a few days <3

(I love Nickelback... this was the only 'Lullaby he knew) XD; *shot*

Daww, Flint still has a crush on Cleo <3 But yeesh the IRONIC size difference of the keldeo pokedolls compared to the Muskedeers:

In the movie wasn't he smaller then his mentors? Irony of ironies, I still can't get over it XD they practically tower over the deers!

So lately I've had my dolls take over my bed, and saw that wutastic had a hanging basket in their room, curious I asked about it, and then after finding out how many dolls can fit in it, I went to ebay and got one. Thanks so much for telling me about this wutastic! This is awesome! The blue pokedoll condo! With 115 pokedolls, space becomes an issue.

Lets take a small tour, shall we? From the bottom up!

My QR Code mudkip, mirage pikachu, and other misc plush!

FFF FLINT DON'T BE RUDE! D< You can guess who goes in here >P

Moar pokedolls! Lol oh little miss Togekiss...

I was shocked on how much small plush it could fit. My MPC's, Canvas, and Pokecen keychains go here. BK eevee is pecial, and goes there.

Moke pokedolls! Bonsly is from shiningmew <3 He was so sad! Yet he always has a sad D:

Lonely water types are lonely.

It hasn't been filled yet, but this really helped with my space, and not to mention when my mom changes my bedspread and sheets, she always throws all my dolls on the floor and never picks em up ;_; So if she ever changes my bedsheets when I'm gone, I don't have to worry about them laying on the floor for days.

Others take over my bed shelf.

My bed and what it looks like now. My total faves stay on the bed <3 I have bedspace again!

Now for other gets!

McDonals Axew Figure from pheonixxfoxx that I obtained from a trade for my dewott figure <3

More stuff I obtained from hebilea's GA. I never expected Arceus to be a Zukan at all. i though it was just an ordinary figure! he is the ground type zukan right? Anyway if he is, then he has broken my normal type zukan streak <3 Finally! I dunno what kind of figure that mudkip is from, but he looks so scared D:

And my display across my bedside! I've almost got all of the mcD figures. I'm just missing Pignite.

Now my final post will be about my Kyogre pokedoll, which I found silly. His tush tag is upaide down. He's legit, since I got him at epcot 2 years ago, and he was one of my first pokedolls. Do other Kyogre pokedolls have this quirk, or was he the only 'special' one?

Otherwise that's my collection update! Thanks so much for reading <3

Tags: axew, cobalion, keldeo, kyogre, meloetta, plush, pokedolls, terrakion, turtwig, virizion, wailord
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