Rin (leyluna) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Blastoise Plush Question Edited

Hi everyone! I'm sorry this going to be a boring post, but I'm looking for a blastoise plush for my boyfriend, but i'm looking for a specific one. He used to have one of his own, but he's lost it over the years, and i wanted to see if I could replace it for him, however, he has no idea what plush he had. The only thing I know is that i may be a 1999-2000 release. Or any years around hat time. if any of you knw of any medium sized blastoise plush from those years, please let me know, and PICTURES ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED.

I believe it's the large play by play bastoise, then. How much do these usually go for, and does anyone have one for sale at a decent price?

thank you so much
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