godudette (godudette) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Payment 3 - Super Huge Plushie GA

Talk about record-breaking EMS shipping to the other side of the world! These plush were shipped out on Friday from Japan and made it to Pennsylvania on Monday morning. :D

Check under the cut for all payment information!

Helpful Links:Payment Instructions:
  1. View the spreadsheet.
  2. Send payment to godudette[@]gmail.com
  3. Include your username and Super Huge Plushie GA in the memo of your payment!
  4. Mark off that you have paid on the spreadsheet.
  5. Leave a comment letting me know that you have paid and I will reply when your plush have been shipped. ;D
Special Information:
  • If anyone would like their package held and shipped at a later date (due to vacation, etc) please leave a note in the memo when a good date is to ship your plush. 
  • If you have any special shipping instructions, let me know asap. Please remember I cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged packages. Ask for insurance if you need it. 
  • My next shipping day is Friday, August 3. All payments made by then will be shipped out on Friday!
  • I cannot combine shipping with any items from my sales unless I've spoken to you already. <3 

Tags: group auction, payments
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