lilstarjolteon (lilstarjolteon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Custom Boxes Ideas!!!


Well since I am in the creative mood and spent my whole paycheck at Hobby Lobby to get great creative stuffz, I needed some ideas to make custom boxes!

Here was what I was thinking and wanted to see what people would like to buy or even ideas!

I have these small cardboard different shaped boxes! I want to make pokemon boxes for people's collection! To put small items in or flats in! I can also get bigger sizes too and also different shapes! I want to add a figure or figures to the top of the box or sculptures! And also add little details too like pearls and candys yada yada! Maybe even stickers or decoupage pictures on them. So tell me what you think guys, what kind of figures are you wanting on their?

I was thinking a kid figure of your choice on the top with details
A tomy figure of your choice with details
buying a lot of bootie figures and adding them as a single figure or a collouge with cake like details or whatever
a sculpture of your fav pokemon and a pose you want with details!

give me some ideas or what you think, the bootie figures are cheap so its easier that way but if people really want the nice stuff tell me your ideas!!

So let me know what your thinking and what you were looking for! Need help so I can start customs! :) thanks guys!!!!

Here is some images of the decorations I want to add if your curious!

Tags: custom
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