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Japan update #2: So much green..and a little auction

Hi everyone

So this will be my update number 2 after my trip to Japan

and today..my update would be about my royal snakes collection here's a little timeline of how it grew till now

Also a little auction for anyone who is interested on some stuff from the movie and 7-11 stamp rally



This auction contains: The pre-order bag (if you pre-ordered the movie tickets), stickers and the poster from the 7-11 stamp rally and a little notebook with Black and White kyurem on the cover and Kyurem in the inside

Back view of the bag
2 stickers in the package (and the movie one can be used on the poster)
(You could only get this poster if you collected 8 different stamps, but my friend worked at 7-11 so..was able to have some)
Here's the front and back view of the poster with all pokemons up to Meloetta

-Granted sales permission on March 02 2012 by [info]entirelycliched
- Feedback here http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/leave/?user=tsutarjafan_18
- All community rules apply

++Would like to start the auction from $8++
Shipping would be around $5 (for anyone living in the states) seeing the poster alone is pretty big (Canada and International shipping would cost more..sorry)

Would like to end this auction @ 10:00 PST on the 5th of August      ENDED

(if I get the winning payment by that night I'll take it first thing the next day) First Class Mail

Payment/Shipping Info.

- I DO ship internationally (unless stated)
- Please bid by $1 increment

- Payment way ONLY by Paypal by USD ONLY
- Please do NOT send payment by "gift"

- Prices do NOT include shipping/fees
- I am NOT responsible for stuff lost in the mail, please purchase tracking if you're unsure.

Stuff to be aware....
- I DO own 3 dogs so please be aware before purchasing if you are allergic or not (They hardly come near my plushies though)
- I have the right to refuse sale to anybody (negative feedback people, or people who had no great service, or banned users)

Now for the Snivy kingdom update XD

First photo (when I first joined)




and currently it looks like this:

snivy collection update 7_18_12
the 2 pictures on the bottom is just a close ups..it's not 2 shelves of items XD

Have to say sure did find a lot of flats while I was in Japan XDD

Still missing a lot of stuff and will be looking to buy from this community once I work more hours and make more money XD

Well that's that, good luck on whoever is going to try out the auction and thanks for looking ^^
Tags: serperior, snivy
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