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Carddass Sales

I haven't posted in a while, so sorry that this is just a sales post. I'm waiting on a couple more things before I do a collection update!

For now, here's some Carddass sales! We got a large lot of crimp-damaged cards and just kept one of each, and I thought I'd see if anyone would be interested in the leftovers. Click the cut for pictures!

*I was granted sales permission by dakajojo on 22.May.2011.
*I accept Paypal, or concealed cash at your own risk.
*Prices are in USD, and do not include shipping.
*I will hold for 24 hours if asked.
*I ship from IL, USA, and will ship internationally.
*Once the package leaves my hands, I am not responsible for it.
*My feedback is here!

Now for the cards! Amost all of them have some kind of crimp-damage, usually near the edge. I tried to take a picture of one of the more extreme examples:

Be aware of this! I'll send the better-conditioned ones out first. There are quite a few multiples of almost all of them.

Satoshi Cards

*Ash, Pika, League President- $.50
*Hurt Ash, Pika, and co.- $.50
*Everyone falling from a pipe with Jigglypuff- $.25
*Ash and Pika running- $.50
*Ash, Pika, Misty, Brock in towels- $.50

Satoshi's Pokemon Cards

*Kingler, Golbat, and Seadra- $.50
*Ash and starters in cave- $1
*Squirtle and Nidorino- $1
*Bulbasaur VS Scyther- $.50

Pikachu Cards

*Pika, Bulbasaur, and Gloom- $1
*Pikachu in Clefairy cage- $1
*Pikachu and Arcanine-$3

Friends Cards

*Pikachu and Vulpix- $3
*Onix, Brock, and Misty- $.25
*Onix chasing group- $.25
*Oak, Mankey, Ratatta, and Doduo- $.50
*Misty, Slowpoke, and Psyduck- $.50
*Misty, Horsea, and group underwater- $1

Guest Cards

*Marowak and trainer- $.25
*Giovanni and Mewtwo- $1
*Bruno, Onix, and Sandslash- $1
*Slowbro and scientist- $.50
*Surfing Pikachu (Pooka)- $2
*Raichu, Blastoise, Gyarados, etc- $3
*Ritchie, Pikachu (Sparky), and Charizard- $3
*Movie-making scene with Arcanine statue- $2

Rocket Cards

*Meowth and Persian- $2
*Meowth and Meowzie- $1
*Meowth watery-eyes- $.50
*Arbok and Seaking- $.50
*Weezing, Jessie, and James- $.50
*Jessie and Togepi- $1
*Team Rocket with Pikas in Gyarados Sub- $1
*Team Rocket CPR on beach- $.50
*Team Rocket's loot with Marowak and group- $.25
*Team Rocket in disguise- $1

Battle Cards

*Charmander (Zippo) VS Pikachu- $3
*Ritchie, Pikachu (Sparky), and Ivysaur- $2
*Pikachu and Bellsprout- $1
*Kingler and Cloyster- $1
*Ash, Pikachu, and Butterfree- $2
*Muk and Bellsprout- $1
*Exeggutor and Kingler- $1
*Alakazam and Gengar- $2

Rival Cards

*Gary, Golem, and Nidoking- $2
*Gary, Oak, Ash, and some Krabby- $1

Group Cards

*Each one is $4 each, or get all four for $12

Holo Sticker Cards

*They're also stickers!- $3 each

For this last group, these were all damaged pretty badly, so they're each free with purchase. Good for crafts! The stacks on the lower left have 5+ cards crimped together.

GONE: All single cards

I also updated my regular sales recently, and can combine shipping! Click the banner to see!

Well, I think that's it for now. Expect lots of awesome new fiery chickens in my next post! :D
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