Evey (ville_valo) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Finally doing an update,
I had to wait to get my packages, but more are coming anyways, I couldn't wait any longer xD. 

A little preview~

First off some pokedolls (I'm getting way more in the mail soon) but Virizion and Cobalion in his smexy Madhatter top hat from Sunyshore that I got a while back<3 And Dialga :3.


And a faceplanting absol pokedoll I won in an auction here on the community :) I've wanted one for so long, and here she is :D. 


And finally after waiting so freaking long -_- I would tell you guys the whole story, but nobody likes reading walls of text :p. A shiny Reshiram Pokedoll <3 And a regular one I got from Amazon. When it got here the tag was bent really badly, so they refunded 20% of what I paid for it. I always take off the tags though and put them somewhere safe.


They're so cute together! :)

And here's my little unintentional Reshiram collection.. A huge UFO catcher Reshi is coming in the mail soon, and I hope to get the Tomy Reshiram a little later.


Well thanks for looking, and I was hoping to put some small sales up but my camera died and I left the charger at a friends house )x

Also I'll have my contest entry posted in a few days, so I hope you'll enjoy that :3

Tags: absol, cobalion, dialga, pokedolls, reshiram, virizion
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