Isaac (coh33d) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Plush question + Nostalgia.

Hey guys, I've had this Squirtle plush for a little while, and I have no idea of what brand he is. I don't even know how I got him.
I really love this plush, but I've seen a Bubasaur version of it, and Bulbasaur was my starter, I would much rather have him. I know it exists because I've seen this Squirtle in a picture with one! ( ALSO: Sorry about the cheesy border, XD )
photo (1)

In other news, I had a family reunion today. I uncovered this FREAKING AWESOME picture of me when I was around 5. I got this Raichu plush for my birthday. I LOVED this thing. I took him with me EVERYWHERE. I cannot go on enough about our years of adventures. Last year, I had him just sitting around, and I felt bad. He deserved someone that would play with him. So, I gave him to a kid I know that loved Raichu for his 7th birthday. It was hard giving him up, but I know I did a good thing for both Raichu, and that kid. c':


I want to replace him, because I want to take another picture with one, and Put them two side by side and all that jazz. (and also because MY HEART LONGS FOR IT.)
Tags: raichu, squirtle
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