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Lurker EMURII evolved into a MEMBER!

So, there really aren't words to describe the extent to which I've been stalking this community over the past day and night.

So hello, ladies and gents! My name is Emurii, Pokemon enthusiast for about a decade at this point, current Bulbasaur collector... and I'm pretty awesome, I guess? (My collection is pretty meager right now, and awaiting two new arrivals, so I'm waiting at least for those to come before posting it.)

Due to my aforementioned obsession, I hunted around the net for a while today, looking for items I hadn't seen or that seemed pretty interesting. So, please enjoy the following interesting items!

1. This Lapras plushie
The Pokeplush Project doesn't have this one yet, and I've honestly never seen anything like it. It's very ... bootleg looking, but early Pokemon merchandise wasn't the best quality, so who can say? It's really cheap -- if you go into the seller's store, you can find a Squirtle of this sort, too (which is also on Amazon.com).

2. Pikachu Match 'Em Catch 'Em Game

3. Pokemon Hot Wheels Cars
There's a Minun and probably more on Amazon, too, if you look, and the cars separate for cheaper.

4. Corsola Plushie
Not exactly rare from what I've seen, but $14 is 40% less than the prices I've been seeing, so I thought it was worth a mention.

5. Munchin' Munchlax Game
... Hungry Hungry ... Munchlax? I could see this being grail material.

6. 5 Kubifuri Action Figures
Pichu, Squirtle, Minun, Plusle, Meowth. I have seen these things in one person's collection, but they don't seem quite prevalent. The set's pretty expensive, but they look gorgeous. If I collected any of these guys, I'd propose a group auction.

7. Large Japanese Reversible HootHoot Plushie
This is also a pretty excellent price for what this looks like ($10)

I'll hopefully be posting (or amending this post to include) a sales post soon, including a small, vintage Togepi collection (including a Togepi piece I haven't seen anywhere else at all :X) so stay tuned for that.

Nice to meet you guys! >w< よろしく〜


(Larger image under the cut)

Contained in this post:
- Large Eevee PVC figure: $7 $5
- N64 Cartridges:
   Pokemon Snap: $5
   Hey You, Pikachu!: $10 $6
- Big Ol' Bag O' Cards: $? (See explanation)
- †ogepi Collection:
   Ultra-rare Togepi lolipop holder with keychain $15 $5
   Large PVC Figure $8 $5
   Electronic walking, talking Togepi $5
   Gold-plated Burger King Card $5 $3
   Keychain (light up?) $3 $2
   Burger King Beanie $3
   Togepi Birthday Card with Stickers and Games $3
   Togepi, Ivysaur and Raticate: Southern Isle Post Card $2

Sales post!



Large Eevee PVC figurine. Head moves. $7. versiris


Two _working_ N64 games. Pokemon Snap: $5 friskavk, Hey You! Pikachu!: $10.

Big Ol' Bag O' Cards

Bag of 500+ common and uncommon, English and Japanese Pokemon cards. I stayed up all night cataloging this silly thing, so for the contents, see here. Any 10 cards here, common or uncommon, for $1. (Please don't ask for fewer than 10, I will go crazy.) Promos, rares, first editions and holos originally from the bag are listed here. Rares 75cents, 1 Ed. 50 cents, holo $3. This particular promo Mewtwo is getting pretty rare, I hear: $7?

Alternatively, the entire bag can be purchased for $15, or the entire bag plus all rares, promos, first eds and holos for $25. (Cards purchased before someone makes an offer for the bag will obviously not be included, I will notify you if any have been purchased.)

(Note: Delibird conspiculously in the middle of the pile is not for sale. It's too cute to give up.)

PVC Figure

Movable arms and legs. Very cute, pretty rare. $8.

Light-Up Keychain
Gold Burger King Card

Light-Up Keychain no longer lights up (but someone with a little technical skill could probably fix that). $3.
Burger King Card is in great condition, beautiful, out of print and originally ten bucks. $5.

Burger King Beanie

$5. Back of Burger King Card also shown.

Electronic Walking, Talking Togepi
Ultra-Rare Togepi Lollipop Holder

Walking, talking Togepi no longer walks, but most likely still talks: in any case, these problems can be easily fixed by opening up his back and replacing the batteries. Small dot on shell is a speaker. $5.

Ultra-Rare Togepi Lollipop Holder! I purchased this around the time Gold and Silver were released, perhaps earlier, with a lollipop in a Newbury Comics. I haven't found this again, ever. Togepi has a little red keychain on him, and opens up to hold a lollipop about tootsie-pop size or smaller. $15 (feel free to haggle).

Togepi Lollipop Holder opened (shown next to the back of the Burger King Card for size comparison).

Togepi, Ivysaur, Raticate Southern Isle Post Card
Togepi Birthday Card

Came with the Southern Isle promo vending card set. (Raticate card is up for auction in the card lot.) Unmarked. $2.

Togepi birthday card! Bought in a grocery store when Gold & Silver were out. Image above depicts the front. The following images show the inside (which has a 2-sticker sticker sheet) and back (which has some Pokemon-related games). This is a unique item for a Togepi collector that you're unlikely to see again, much less in unused condition. $3.

- Items must be paid for within 48 hours of my confirming the request, or I will remove the hold. (I've been lurking enough to know this is necessary.)
- PayPal payment only
- I will accept trades! I collect Bulbasaur (particularly plushies) and also adore ghosts (particularly Misdreavus), Cacnea, Cacturne and Delibird. If you have none of these, make an offer, I love cute things and stranger Pokemon! (Custom work may be accepted. Artwork will not.)

Happy purchasing!<3

EDIT: I removed the auction status of the Togepi merch, that's just ridiculous and confusing. So now they are flat prices.

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