caffwin (caffwin) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Metal Figure Auction ends in a few hours+ lots of leftover sales!

Hi! Just posting a reminder that my metal figure auctions are going to be ending in a few hours~
There are dozens of super rare figures up for grabs including ones from the elusive AG set and some rare gen 1 figures as well. <3


There are still a lot of them up for grabs and auctions with no bids yet. Click the banner or any of the pictures to get to the sales/auction page!

It will be over at 10pm PST tonight (August 5th) and a countdown timer is at the bottom of the sales/auction page, so make sure to get bids in before then if you're still looking to claim things~

Next, the location of the Worlds 2012 meetup in Hawaii has been finalized - I just learned that the merchandise room should be open on Friday according to the schedule that was posted, so we will be meeting in front of there on 4pm on Friday, August 10th (or just look for a group of people holding various plush). <3

There were big lineups last year and a one-item policy on some things, which I suspect they will do again this year; hopefully everyone will still get a chance to grab what they need from the merchandise room.

Tags: aerodactyl, aron, croagunk, dragonair, dragonite, eevee, figures, jolteon, lapras, meganium, mewtwo, nidoran, nosepass, rapidash, sales, slowbro, slowking, slowpoke, snorlax, venusaur
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