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Dragons Exalted Pre-Release Results, Story,and Tough Decision

Greetings again! I had a very busy week, and it was amazing Pokemon wise. Before I get onto my report, I wanted to share some of my exciting things from this week.  First off my Blaziken Pokedoll arrived in the mail, and second I payed for the Swampert Pokedoll in Willfungi's auction; and it shipped! So I am now almost complete with my Final Stage Hoenn Starter Pokedoll Set! I have Sceptile, and Blaziken in hand, and Swampert is coming! Naturally I'm going to take pics of my set once it's finished. Other then that I had to come to a tough decision today when it came to what I wanted to buy.  It was between an Umbreon Canvas which I had wanted for years, or the Secret Rare Shiny Rayquaza card from the latest set. At first I was very tempted to complete a transaction for Rayquaza on the community, when I saw that someone was auctioning it off. It was tough but I made the choice of Umbreon. Which leads me to the question. Did I do the right choice? I have heard conflicting reports of Rayquaza either dropping in the $45-$50 range, or rising to $100-$120. But I knew that Umbreon's price was pretty much set.

As for the pre=release I went 3-2, and pulled a Registeel EX, Aggron, Ampharos, and a Reverse Holo Sigilyph which I sold for $5. I also saw 1 Full Art Terrakion EX , 1 Full Art Registeel EX, 1 Shiny Rayquaza, and a Shiny Krokorok, along with a ton of other EX's . I did miss out on the chance to trade for Rayquaza, as someone already bought it for $75. Saddest part was when a young kid lost his Terrakion EX Full Art, and another kid snatched it from the ground. When asked were he got Terrakion, the kid told people he traded for it; when infact he technically stole it.

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