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I'm Search Man, okay?

Zukan Sales - Unsealed (but great condition!)

Hey guys, Zukan sales today! Everything here is unsealed with the proper base and pegs with one exception (Starly had a missing peg, so I subbed one in!). When I ship out every piece will be bubble wrapped and pegs will either be taped to the bottom of the base or wrapped up as well if too long. Conditions looked very good on everything (especially the expensive lines), but I will still double check figures before any confirmation :)

Older lines include: Pidgeot, Lapras, Raichu, Nidoqueen, Starmie, and many many more!

I was granted sales permission in 2008 by lineaalba.
I accept any form of paypal payment or money orders.
I ship worldwide from the United States.
Shipping will be a flat $3 total for US orders and a flat $5 total for international orders.
US orders all come with delivery confirmation.
I am smoke free and pet free.
I can hold items for a user for 48 hours (2 days).

Tangrowth line $15
Abomasnow line $15
Lapras $65
Giratina Origin $35
2x Giratina DPSP $35 each
Dewgong line $30
Pidgeot line $120
2x Machamp line $40 each
Probopass line $15
Sharpedo line $40
Carnivine $8
Kingler line $25
Hippowdon line $15
Venomoth line $30
Alakazam line $35
Heatran $15
Poliwrath line $35
Rampardos line $25 on hold
Hypno line $25
Nidoqueen line $50
Starmie line $50
Golem line $35 on hold
Finneon line $12
Ludicolo line $40
Staraptor line $30
Mismagius line $15
Gallade line $15
Zoroark line $20
Typhlosion line $20
Wurumple line $35
Tauros $15 on hold
Raichu line $70
2x Ninjask line $25 each 1 sold
Rotom line $20
Cherrim line $15
Delcatty line $35
Torokal $15
Spiritomb $8
Shuckle $8
Pachirisu $8
Bibarel line $15
Sunflora line $15
Roserade line $20
Kricketune line $15
2x Chimecho line $10 each
Grumpig line $35
Medicham line $35
Tags: sales, zukan
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