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Collection Update and What are your Most Prized Items?

My small but slowly growing Ninetales collection (not shown: Ninetales poster... unless you count my computer's wallpaper, which was made from a photo i took of the poster).
sorry for the horrible pic, if you can't see them, there are the Vulpix and Ninetales pokedex charm set, a Ninetales marble, kid and Tomy figures, the pog that came with the Ninetales Tomy, and the Ninetales pog from the boardgame.

and here's my main collection (Char line, Jolteon, and Ninetales)

as you can see, my Char line collection is by far the largest. Not everything is shown here either, such as my other Char plushies, like my 1:1ish Charmander and my Charizard and Jolteon clearfiles.

Just for the sake of the question, if you could only save one flat, one figure, and one plush from you collection, what would they be?

for me it would be these:

Charmander vending card: this and Lilypad Mew were the two cards i spent forever hunting down since i first became a pokemon in 98 and saw pics of them. i finally got both (thanks to this community). i would have picked my Lily Mew, but it isn't mint, while Char is. That's why i picked him over her. I actually got this card as a surprise extra when i bought Bubble Mew from that large 1000+ card lot a while ago. i remember asking them if they had the Char and they said they weren't sure, so i just bought the Mew from them. When the package came, behind the Mew card was a beautiful mint Vending Series Charmander... i was actually more excited about the Charmander than the Mew! XD

Canvas Jolteon: I love both my Jolteon and Charmander canvas plushies, but Char would be easier to find than Jolty, so i picked Jolteon.

Quil Line Zukan: This was a lot harder to pick, i have a lot of figures that i love (bottlecap Reshiram, battle figure Charizard, Chess piece Charizard, etc...) but i picked the Cyda line zukan because i love zukan figures over all others and this is my favorite zukan in my collection.

and are there any new canvas or zukan announcements in the past 2 months? (i know about the pokemon movie zukan)

EDIT: since i was asked about the cases i figured that i'd add the pics here. all of these came from michaels. click for larger pics. and no, these aren't all my zukan or char figures, the rest didn't fit lol

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