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Needlefelted Jolties (Jolteon + Joltik) Auctions!

Hiya comm! I am bringing two little customs for auction today!


Little Jolteon and shiny Joltik are needfelted with 100% wool and are looking for new homes :'D


Chibi Jolteon is about 5cm long/ 6cm tall, with keychain attached!

Jolteon starts at $20

Shiny Joltik is about 4cm long, my hand as size reference. Since the normal colour joltik has brown tummy, I just "assume" it would have an orange tummy XD

I can attach a keychain on Joltik if the winner wants to do so for no extra charge (:
Joltik starts at $12

Auction Info:
- Please bid in increment of $1, and will end on 15th August at 12 noon Hong Kong time (GMT +8) , all community rules apply, including no sniping. Let me know if you are unsure of the ending time and I will include a counterdown timer ^^;
They will be shipped in a small box via airmail, I ship from Hong Kong.
- Auction price does not include shipping/ fees. The final price would be $3 + your original bid, I will cover the rest of the fees. Please note that I cannot provide proof of postage, it just costs $2 to add tracking to anywhere.

Also, just wondering if anyone is interested in taking this tiny Phanpy charm (about 2cm long) home? He's $6 shipped anywhere and will come with a cell phone strap. 
Sold thanks!

Tags: custom, jolteon, joltik, phanpy
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