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Special mention!

Hello there!

First, my apologies that I haven't been as active as I have always been, I have been busy with a friend from Japan coming over and especially, because my allergies are killing me (hopefully I can make it to the allergy doctor this week, because apparently, I need a blood test first) and giving me no motivation to do anything properly. However, I am feeling much better today, so I finally could make it to the PO and sent out the first batch of packages. The next batch should go tomorrow, and I should be done hopefully this week with all of them (because I will be gone for a week with my mom). Everybody who asks for feedback, please please no pushing and have a little more patience, I state in my rules every time that everybody gets their feedback once their package is sent out and I even inform about them. So please don't ask anymore. Thank you lots!

Now to my special mention! I have one special merchandise that I have had for about a month now and this piece of merch really deserves to be called one of the best made merch out there....have a teaser pic!

Never thought I would call this random Pokemon one of my most favorite plush, especially calling it the most well made piece of plush merchandise I have ever seen...

This plush. I have purchased this one some time ago from starscream8 and I really don't know where to begin. I don't know why it's hypnotizing me so much, but it does. There were Deerling PC plush made from every season, and I must, even though I like summer the most (guess why), I'd recommend any season of them, since they are made the same, just with different colors. 

Why do I like it so much? Not only well made, made out of great material, well stuffed, but in my opinion, it matches the original design in the game, or in the anime, but still looking a little chibi. Pretty much the way I imagined it.

Look at those adorable cute long ears and that flower on it's head! <333

She has the perfect head shape. It's not edgy or anything. Most plushies have edgy heads and can't get the shapes right...

Same goes for the feet! Sooooo tiny and she can stand on her own with no problems! Another pro of a good plush!

And lastly, the yellow lines! I am very glad that the dots and the yellow line aren't of minky material. I especially love the velboa(?) material between the two minky ones on the line.

So this is my mention of well made plush.
s there any kind of plush that you feel so about as well?
It doesn't have to be frmo your own personal collection, but it can be from a random Pokeplush that you just decide to get it out of curiosity, or because it was cute. Let me see your opinions!

Thank you guys! <3
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