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Super fast stamp GA shipping + GRAIL GET!!

Ok, first -- shipping time for the Super fast stamp GA! Shipping cost includes packaging materials, cost of shipping, and PayPal fees. If you're in the USA, shipping will be $3.00. If you're in another country, shipping will be $4.50. Please let me know if there is a problem with this. Check the spreadsheet here. Please send payment to emurii[at]gmail.com.

Secondly, as you might know, this GA contained the last piece of my grail!

My Gloom stamp triforce is complete!!! I've had the pink one for a while, and the blue one since probably last year... but the green stamp continually evaded me. Recently, there was even a GA that had three of the blue stamp! I have never seen the green stamp outside of this one. I feel very lucky to have caught all three of these stamps -- they're my favorite kind of figures, and they can get super rare, so I was just...so so super lucky.

I now have every Gloom stamp. :)

I actually just realized that I forgot to include the Gloom & Hitmonchan dome stamp in this picture! Oh well. I do have that one, too.

As awesome as it is to have all three colors of the chibi stamp, that never really felt grail-worthy. So my grail, I decided, would be double triforce. That is, all three color chibi stamps...and all three color in-case figures. Now, three years into collecting Gloom, I have completed my goal.

DOUBLE TRIFORCE POWERRRRR!!! The first of these I got in a lot, the second I purchased from the wonderful happyjolteon, and the last I managed to pick up on eBay!

I'm very excited to have all of these, but somehow it still just doesn't feel...graily enough. :c So maybe "grail get" is a bit of a misnomer... grail...changed?

Royal Rainbow?

I recently won the silver metal figure from feraligroggles and couldn't be more excited to have completed the metal portion of my rainbow. To my knowledge, I'm missing the magenta, purple, and green metal figures. The colored figures are the hardest to come across, so this will definitely be a new goal to achieve.

Thanks to everyone for all of their support in reaching this goal ♥ As always, my wants list is here, so please let me know if you have any Glooms that I don't. ♥
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