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New Shelves and Some Gets

Hello everybody! I recently got some new shelves from Ikea, so I figured I'd show you all what I put on them!

I figured I'd show my recent gets, so here's my new metallic Charizard Tomy!

I'd been on the lookout for this guy for quite some time, and a couple weeks ago an entire mint box of the set it came in popped up on eBay. Of course I was super excited, so I bid a starting amount inticipating that I would increase it later if somebody bid against me. I ended up losing the auction because a person outbid me with literally 2 seconds left so I had no time to increase my bid. :/ But after a couple sad days, this little beauty popped up on his own with a BIN option, so I had to get him. <33 I'm so happy to be able to add this little beauty to my 'zards!

(sorry about the weird background haha)
This Carracosta MPC is from the GB shiningmew held! Carracosta is my first MPC, and man am I impressed! He's so soft and adorable and lkajglkjadljg :'D

lucario and I traded recently and my part was these two dudes! I felt a little lousy that I didn't have a BK Charizard plush to love, so I'm glad I finally have one! <3 And Entei is just awesome. There's a button behind him that launches him at a pretty high speed. I like to keep it on my desk so I can make him woosh around. :D

I never updated about the recent McDonald's toys, so here's a picture of them chilling on my gen 5 shelf. I really like playing with Axew haha. <3

Now for pictures of my new plush shelf! Originally I was going to hang one of those mesh towers, but there are complications with the way my room is set up, so it wouldn't have worked very well haha. All of the plush on here were originally on my bed, but with the increase in awesome plush from 5th gen, it was getting too crowded so I decided to get a new place for the first-fourth gen plush still on my bed at the time.

These are mostly first and second gen, with a couple 'zards at the top of course <3

More second gen, third gen, and fourth gen! Also Jakks Snivy and Munna because they're awesome. :D

Axew DX shiny banpresto is one of the only fifth gen on the shelves right now, I wanted to keep the rest of the ffth gen plush on my bed. <3 They'll probably move to this shelving unit eventually haha. Also TCG stuff on the bottom shelf there! These tins used to be under my bed, but they were getting kicked around by my cats so I wanted to save them haha.

In closing, here's a picture of my Charizards! <3

Thanks for checking out my collection update, I hope everybody is handling the summer heat well! C:
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