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Binder and card sale

LAN-party 011LAN-party 017

~ I got sales permission from Lineaalba January 8th 2010
~ I only accept paypal
~ I ship anywhere in the world from the Netherlands
~ All prices are in US Dollars
~ I reuse package materials. Therefor I don't charge anything for shipping materials.
~ Please make an order of at least $1.00 total
~ Shipping starts at $1.19 (€0,85) in Europe, $1.33 (€0,95) everywhere else. (up to 20g)
~ $2.66 up to 50g - $3.99 up to 100g (Worldwide)
~ I use €1,00=$1.40 to calculate shipping
~ You are allowed to haggle, or make an offer!
~ Feedback:
~ Old feedback:

LAN-party 006
4-Pocket Arcanine binder
Very good condition
$7.00 each
5 available
LAN-party 009
4-Pocket Arcanine binder
Shows some wear on the front (scratches)
$4.00 each
2 available

LAN-party 008
4-Pocket Arcanine binder
One has writing on the back (blue area) other one has writing on the front (left top on the Arcanine area) otherwise good condition
$2.00 each
LAN-party 010
4-Pocket binder Nidoking
Some scratches on the front and back and the condition on the inside is used with wear.
1 available
LAN-party 014
4-Pocket binder Leafeon
Good condition
$6.00 each
2 available
LAN-party 011
4-Pocket binder Lugia
Front and back in good condition but some wear on the inside. 
1 available

LAN-party 017
Ninetales Power Keepers 
Normal and Reverse Holo 
Both near mint
$3.00 together OBO

Next is all part of a LOT
Asking price $18.00 OBO
Condition of cards vary
LAN-party 016
Holo's -Condition Blastoise is Used, others near Mint
LAN-party 018
Rare Reverse Holo's -Most are Near Mint
LAN-party 019
Rare's -Most are Near Mint
LAN-party 015
Reverse Holo's -Most are Near Mint
LAN-party 020
6 Holo's (top row) rest are rare. These are almost all in bad condition. Some are Dutch.

pokemon sale 003
pokemon sale 004
pokemon sale 005
There are 45 see-through pogs in this set. The orginally came from Lays chips with a sticker. The stickers are not included, however, all 45 pogs are included! As you can see, there are pen scratches on the album. To see all pogs in this set, look here: 
Look at the bottom of the page at surprise pokémon flippo.
$20.00 shipped anywhere!

Tags: lugia, ninetales
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