PakajunaTufty (pakajunatufty) wrote in pkmncollectors,

We won the B&W GA! still need a few payments.

So as a posted as a small note on my post yesterday, WE WON the B&W GA.


I sent messages out to all the winners with what they owe and the majority of them have sent payment already, but I am still waiting on a few:

goldenfennec - Payment 1 $4.46
snow_skitty - Payment 1 $10.69
zoruaplush - Payment 1 $6, waiting on tracking info that you sent the money.

You all were given messages with where to send it to, so I won't post that here. But please, you have until about 8pm EST until your 24 hours to pay are up and I don't want to have to leave any negative feedbacks. =[

As for feedback, I will leave those AFTER payment 2. =]

On a plus side, I DID just pay for the lot, so it is paid and will ship out to me soon. Expect to be messages with what you owe for payment 2 right away after I receive the items.

Lastly, a side note about my new GA I'm hosting. It's HUGE! It's the Super Massive Toy and Figure GA. And it is HUGE HUGE HUGE! We have about 3 days left on it and we are going well but not quite there. I've been doing some tallying as things go along, we are getting close so keep up the good work everyone! =]


To be transported to the GA, simply click HERE, the pic above or the link below.
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