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Japan stuff!

Yay, my package containing the rest of the stuff I bought on my trip to Japan got here today!!

But I'm going to start with something NEW that I got today!!!

I was really anticipating this figure since he was announced, and gosh, he's simply perfect!! I am so so happy with it, and I am really grateful they made such a great figure of him.

His Pansage is super cute too. ;w; I am just really pleased overall!!!

They even sculpted some fingernails for him, hahaha.

And his cute little shoes!

So yeah, definitely worth it!! I wholeheartedly recommend him, and it looks like he's gone down in price on Y!J too. He's getting a wider release in September, so it's possible his price will drop even more, if you don't mind waiting!

Now for all the stuff I got while in Japan!
Here are all the Cobalions I got! Actually, a good majority of these were being held for me when I got there, haha. I did buy the two stamps in the upper left corner at the Pokemon Center! I got the charm and the clear Tomy figure at the movie theater as well, and the candy figure was given to me by my chums who bought the whole set at a grocery store!!

My Scraggy and Pansage stuff!! The UFO keychain plush is super special!! I was trying to win him myself at one of the games in an arcade, but as it turns out, I AM REALLY AWFUL AT UFO CATCHER GAMES... I stepped away from the machine to try another one, and then after a few moments, my pal ridi came up to me with him!! I am very grateful and I love him a lot!!! Thank you so much dear! <3
I got the Scraggy Tretta puck at a Namco arcade after showing off my movie ticket, and the rest of the stuff is things I acquired and bought like usual! The sparkly rare Scraggy pin though was one my good friend denkimouse pulled at random and gave me first dibs!! Thanks so much!!! <3

I also gave into my love for Krookodile, sighs!! The MPC plush and Kid were waiting for me when I got there, and I bought the charms myself!

I also kept Liepard from the same set because... well, I already have the Scrafty and Bisharp MPC so... now I have my favorite BW character Grimsley's team in MPC plush form. UuU;; My Bisharp and Scrafty are packed away or else I'd take a big ol' pic!

Okay, I didn't buy these myself, but I thought I'd include them before moving onto the people stuff I got! AEON badges!! They're very nice and big!

I love the Subway twins...!!! With the exception of a few things, I picked up all of these myself! I love love love the TCG goods, and I regret not buying doubles!!

I also love Cheren, hehe.


I bought 4 Grimsley clearfiles, DON'T JUDGE. I was just soooo happy he was getting merchandise released *while I was in Japan*!!! If you ask the right person, they could recount you a story about how I excitedly went "GRIMSLEY???" when I came upon the news of him getting his very own clearfile, heh heh heh....

I also went to a doujinshi event and Mandarake a couple times and got lots of doujinshi. 9u9 The "I <3 Zuruggu" was a nice one I stumbled upon at the event though, and it's so cute!!

I'm going to end this post with sentimental stuff I got!
The Piplup Pokedoll figure was a win from the lottery this year!! I only played it two times, but it's really fun to play and experience.
The Mamoswine bell plush was a gift given to me when I arrived from flag! <333 He is so so cute, and I really really adore him. She even made his bell purple, which is my favorite color!!! Thanks again so much, Norks!!! <3
Even though I was super sucky at UFO catcher games, in my quest to catch that Scraggy, I managed to catch this little Keldeo plush. I really, really adored the Keldeo movie (it's the best Pokemon movie they've had in years, IMO!) so I wasn't exactly upset, hehe. In the movie, Keldeo has such a sweet relationship with the three Muskedeers, so I just had to buy this beautiful tin, too!

That is pretty much everything!! I had such a stellar time in Japan with my friends, so all this stuff was just an added bonus, I think! :D Thanks for looking!!
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