Youngster Joseph (youngsterjoseph) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Youngster Joseph

Quick Wants for Friend's BDay!

Hey everybodddyyyy~ I know I said I'd be back with Vaporeon and Charmander collection shots but I keep finding things I didn't know I had for Charmander, and my Vaporeon stuff keeps coming in the mail! He's a slippery devil. >3< ((Also you guys successfully broke my Photobucket which hasn't gone over its viewing limit over the many many RP communities and virtual pet sites I've been a part of. How did you do that. In ONE DAY? Welp. Guess I'm going to Imgur now.)) So I'll have those later this week.

Speaking of later this week, I have some quick wants - I can't pay immediately, since I don't get money til Friday. (Hence my wild bidding on all the auctions ending then cause aahhh paychecks!) But I can pay as SOON as Friday hits, and I'd just like to see if anyone even has these available. My BEST BUDDY'S BIRTHDAY is coming up, and I need to get her some Pokemon items! Wanting to make sure I have time for them to ship, since I know things can randomly take awhile. I am most interested in...

Meowth & Persian Zukan
Meowth & Team Rocket Zukan
Lugia Zukan (depending on price??)
Lugia Pokedoll ("Loved", maybe?)
Persian Kid
Lugia Kid
Meowth & Persian PC charms
Lugia PC charm (either version!)
Meowth Plush charms

I am also less interested (or maybe more if you have an interesting item!) in anything Persian or Lugia, or with Team Rocket & Meowth. Those are her FAVORITEST OF FAVORITES, if you know what I mean. I've already gotten her the Lugia TOMY and a custom Lugia artwork magnet, so I'd like to get her some Persian stuff as well. Turn her into a collector, since she already collects OTHER things. ;D I bet I could drag her on here no problem.

EDIT: I forgot to mention - in the case of things like figures, charms, and the like, that one would display, I'm looking for minty-ish condition. For the plush, I'M ACTUALLY LOOKING FOR LOVED! I want to give her one to snuggle!

So if anyone is willing to help out, hold some things until Friday, I would LOVE YOU FOREVER. If you don't wanna hold, and someone else buys it before then - thank you so much for letting me know about it, or letting me know something exists that I didn't know about. I'm sure she'll appreciate it too.

Tags: lugia, meowth, persian
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