feraligroggles (feraligroggles) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Left over metal clearance sales, kids figures, plush, and more!!

1. I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched in april of 2012
2. I ship from Virginia, USA to anywhere
3. I ship on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
4. Paypal only
5. No trades at this time unless you have something from my wants list
6. Haggling is welcome within reason
7. Pet friendly but smoke free home

0.50 cents each (sold: lickitung)
Sold: (1 Graveler, both koffing, 1 Rydon)

$1.00 each (sold: 1 kakuna, I actually have another one)

$1 each (sold:lickilicky)

$5 each (sold: arbok and pidgeotto)

Haunter- $3.00, Squirtle $5.00, Fearow- $3.00, Mewtwo $7.00, Hitmonlee $4

Stantler $3.00, Marshtomp- $7.00, Ledian- $4.00, Hoothoot- $3.00, Celfable- $3.00

Shuppet- $4.00, Silver plusle and minun- $4.00 each, Gunmetal Minun $4.00, Skitty $3.00, Registeel $4.00

Pignites- $4.00 each, Azelf and Uxie $2.00 each,  Goletts- $4.00 each, Prinplup $4.00, Patrat- $2.00, Medicham $3.00, Karrablast $3.00, Turtwig $3.00, Landmins $3.00 each. Starly $3.00, Pichu $3.00

Pikachus-- $2.00 each

Coins! $5.00 each (sold: terakkion coin)

More coins! $2.00 each (Sold: both giratinas)

(except krokorok, he's pictured twice by accident) $2.00 each

$4.00 each (except sawk and throh who are $3.00 each),
sold: one Vanilluxe, one Virizion, Unfezant, Mienshao and zweillous

$4.00 each (Kyurem x2, ferroseed x2, durant, elgyem, tirtouga x2 x1, carracosta, terrakion x2, heatmor)
sold- both keledeo, one tirtouga, carracosta

Riolu pokedoll, mint with tags. $25.00 OBO

Play by Play gengar, mint with tush tag-- $15.00 OBO

$5.00 each (sold: Samurott, one Servine.)

Tags: carracosta, conkeldurr, durant, elgyem, emboar, ferroseed, gengar, gothitelle, heatmor, kyurem, landorus, mienshao, pikachu, riolu, sales, sawk, servine, simipour, simisage, simisear, terrakion, throh, tirtouga, tranquill, vanilluxe, virizion, volcarona, zweilous
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