zoruaplush (zoruaplush) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Seeking the remaining birds!

I'm not actually THAT far from completing my bird pokemon kids collection! If you know how many bird kids there really are you would know! Dx I'd like to but them preferably in box. But I know thats not the case for the older ones. But MIB i'll pay around $4-$5 each for! I should be able to get any B & W pokemon in box. Here's my oh so extensive list!

Fearow | Spearow | Swanna | Attack Torchic | Unfezant (M) | Pidove | Tranquill  | Staraptor (Wings out) | Farfetch'd (w/ tan belly) | Articuno (w/ tail wrapped around bottom) | Attack Articuno | Pidgeot (w/ Funky head feathers) | Mandibuzz | Attack Starly | Skarmory (w/ one wing out) | Skarmory (w/ both wings out) | Flying Skarmory | Flying Staraptor | Archen | ANY Piplup | ANY Empoleon| Prinplup | Attack altaria | Moltres (w/ both wings out) | Hoothoot | Regular combusken. | Attack Delibird | Golduck | Chatot (Wings down) | Attack Pelipper |  Attack Zapdos | Attack honchkrow<33333 | Movie Chatot |

ANY CLEAR BIRD POKEMON KID. Except Combusken. c:

Shiny: Torchic,combusken,Blaziken,taillow,swellow,piplup,empoleon,

Unbelieveably, That's nothing compared to all the ones I have. xD

But i'd like to thank everyone who has helped me with everything iv'e gotten from here!~

Lastly a question: How do you guys display all of your kids? ^-^

Thank you for reading!~

Tags: wanted
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