Brent (shinysuicune) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Random post of sweetness, ahoy!

Hey guys! Among this battlefield of auction-running and sales post managing and OOH OOH LOOK SHINY THINGS!, there is one thing on many of our minds....prison sentences le school. That place where, for a good chunk of a year, you gotta make the best of boring classes, bullies, annoying people, and best friend mischief times. Where are you going with this, Suicune?
Well, I'll tell you.

How are you going to show off your Poke-loves this year?
I've seen backpacks, and keychains, clearfiles and pencils, pens and oodles of other things that we use every day in that one place very few of us enjoy. So, in the spirit *shot* of the very rapidly coming school year (some of you may even already be in school! D:), I wanna see how you're gonna show off your love for the Pokeymans! I myself have bought t-shirts, Pika-socks!!! and even this...

So please take pictures of your school supplies, maybe even shoes that you've poke-fied, t-shirts or other clothing you plan on wearing to school, or maybe even a Poke-buddy that will be residing in your locker! Let's see it! :D
Edit: Forgot something! Also, what grade are you going into? What year of college, maybe? :D I'm gonna be a senior in high school... OLD

Side note: Speaking of pens and such, would anyone happen to have some Pokemon themed pens and mechanical(this is important) pencils they'd be willing to sell? I'm talking cheaper here, as they will be used. XD No specific pokemon, but just something cool or cute. :3
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