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Card News Issue #1 - 08/10/2012


I've decided while (sitting here like a loser) watching television, and lurking the
community that there is a LACK of pokemon card news here. Well I've decided to
start a "news" that every week or so, highlight some of the week's highlights to
the Pokemon community...

Without further ado, I present Card News!
- I can include card shop links in the bottom of every new issue, of course not banners, just text links..
**If this is allowed; mods say nay/yay 

Pokemon Illustrator Sold!

Well, this card that many collectors never thought possible, was put up for auction this week on Y!J!
When this card was discovered up for auction a spark of a conversation on another Pokemon-related community, UPCCC emerged. Another member of that community, skinst_bomb had originally covered this story, with their many posts about the auction. After a heated bidwar, the Pokemon Illustrator was sold for 627,000 円, just imagine those fees! Lucky for our tightknit community on the UPCCC, a member there had won the card, he is slowly becoming a great collector, like a few others on that community. Read more about the card...

Pokemon Snap Gyrados for Auction

This amazing card was put for sale this week, it is already at 100,000 円! The last live auction of a Pokemon Snap Card, was Koffing a few years ago. This is an interesting find. Like the Corocoro Best Photo Contest, the 64 Mario Stadium Best Photo Contest held a contest, where the best 5 entries would be featured on reprints from expansion pack. The exact number of these cards are unknown however they look stunning. Read more about the card...

Plasma Gale: An Interesting Set!

This set is taking Pokebeach by storm, a lot of new information about this set is currently being released.  It is uncertain whether or not, there will be cards will be like the Team Aqua's, Pokemon GL, Misty's .... cards, as all the spoilers for the set are just regular pokemon with Team Plasma's logo written on the text portion of the card. Lugia EX is confirmed to be a new EX card of the set, as well as old favourites; N, Bouffalant, Klinklang and Skarmory. You read correctly, there is going to be a new N for all of the N fans here on pkmncollectors! The booster box promo is crobat, with alternate artwork from the set.
You can read more about the sets, including translations here...

Keldeo Figure Box

Want to collect Keldeo, but don't want to pay for the expensive Japanese cards?
Collectors are getting relief with this box hitting stores, October 7th. This features the Pokemon Center Promo and Keldeo EX from the current Cold Flare set (only JUMBO!). It appears to also give a little bottlecap figure, like the Mewtwo Collection Box did, as well as 3 Dragons Exalted Booster Packs.


Hooray to all of us, who had to wait a year to hear this great news! For those who collected lines on the previous year's card, I'm sure they will be a bit cheaper to purchase now that this year has the same card name, and I believe the same text on the card! Beautiful artwork showcasing the monkeys, Pikachu and of course Hawaii!
This card is lovely, and I won't write too much about it, because
A) there are a lot of people who will be doing World's coverage
B) there isn't a lot to write about.
Read more here...

PreReleases for Dragons Exalted (DRX)

Altaria is the prerelease promo!

From other sites I belong to, like the 'gym, I've compiled a list of cards that I believe are going to be STELLAR in the newest format! Your best bet is to SELL or TRADE, AS SOON AS YOU GET THESE CARDS. Once these cards are available to the public, the values WILL GO DOWN!


Ultra Rare advice: Unsure, go with your gut, since Terrakion from Noble Victories went up from $10 to $25... It is uncertain how these cards will go up/down, EXCEPT RAYQUAZA EX, since it will become a TIN PROMO soon!

I hope you all enjoyed reading about these interesting articles for Pokemon Cards, in the future I'll try and get some more information, next time, DRX will be released publicly, and there will be more information about those cards, maybe what Snap Gyrados sold for, about the values of the Beaches after worlds, and other interesting information as I find it.... :)

I hope at least SOMETHING here was new for you, thanks!

Short little reminder about my PLUSH PLUSH PLUSH auction, the bids so far are at $17 SHIPPED for 4 plush...
Check it out by clicking this text, text reminders are unlimited, but will be making a reminder post probably tomorrow...
PS: There is no shipping charge, what you win it for is what you pay! 2 Pokedolls, 1 Fukuoka Pansage and a bootie!

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