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Big Back from Japan Sales and Auctions!! ^^

How's everybody doing?! So I'm back in the US again after another 4 months in Japan on study abroad and I brought back a TON of stuff to sell and auction!
Also, I wanna thank denkimouse for hosting such an amazing pkmncollectors meetup while I was there! It was so much fun meeting everyone and seeing the new movie together!! Hopefully I'll be back again next summer so I can join you all again so thank you so much Gin!! ^^
And now onto the sales!!:

I only accept Paypal. No e-checks please unless you tell me first.
All prices are in USD.
I ship from New York.
  Holds are available upon request but for no longer than 24 hours. If you need more time than that let me know.
Don't be hesitant to request a quote before final purchase.
Tracking is included on all packages sent within the US. Insurance is optional for an extra $2 within the US (more for larger packages).
  Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 7/20/11 (under my Facebook account as Stacey LaValle).
  I am open for trades from my Wants List:
Once an item has left my hands (shipped) I am no longer responsible for it. All sales are final.
I am open to haggle.
All feedback can be left here:
Do not delete your bids on auctions or back out! You WILL be given negative feedback and banned from my future auctions and sales!
All auctions will end Saturday August 18th at 11PM Eastern time. Countdown clock can be found here:
Feel free to ask for more pictures.


Taffeta UFO Charmander Plush MWT-Starts at $8
Taffeta UFO Squirtle Plush MWT-Starts at $8
Taffeta UFO Bulbasaur Plush MWT-Starts at $8
Pokemon Center Osaka exclusive "Renewal 1st Anniversary" limited Pikachu plush-Starts at $45

Pokemon Center Tokyo exclusive Pikachu charm MIP (x3)-Starts at $10 each
Pokemon Center Osaka exclusive Pikachu charm MIP (x2)-Starts at $10 each

Slowking Bank MIB (box has some slight wear)-Starts at $5
Large Tomy Mew Figure MIB (box was a bit squished during transport)-Starts at $15
Tomy Arcanine Figure MIB (box has some slight wear)-Starts at $10

Pokemon Movie 15 merch:
Medalion-Starts at $12
Black and White Kyurem Metal Strap Set-Starts at $20
Clear Trio Tomy Figure Set MIB-Starts at $18
Ichiban Kuji "H" Prize B+W Kyurem Long Towel-Starts at $8


Eeveelution charms-$10 each shipped. Discount if more than one is purchased.
Tympole Mascot Plush MWT-$8
Laying Pikachu kid (x2) MIP w/card-$3
Suicune kid (x2) MIP w/card-$5 each
Terrakion kid MIP w/card-$4
Virizion kid MIP w/card-$4
Kyurem kid MIP w/card-$5
Sawsbuck (spring) kid MIP w/card-$3
Tynamo kid MIP w/card-$2
Pikachu and friends Zukan MIP w/ insert-$6
Keldeo Zukan MIP w/ insert-$6
Terrakion Zukan MIP w/ insert-$12
Eevee Keychain-$3
Blastoise and Charmander Keychains-$2 each

Pan stickers-$1 each
Dewott and Fraxure juice stickers-$1 each
SOLD: Ducklett, Vanilite, Venipede, Scolipede (x2), Vanilluxe, Frillish (x1), Jellicent, Liepard (x2), Maractus, Gliscor, Herdier, Stunfisk, Condeldurr (x1), Whirlipede (x1)
AVAILABLE: Pikachu (x2), Jumping Pikachu, Cryogonal (x3), Larvesta (x2), Mandibuzz, Conkeldurr (x1), Simipour, Ferroseed, Whirlipede (x2), Frillish

1st gen Action Flipz-OFFER
SOLD: Lapras, Ditto, Porygon, Onix, Mankey/Primate, Omanyte/Omastar, Hitmonchan, Moltres, Mewtwo
AVAILABLE: Gastly/Haunter/Gengar, Drowzee/Hypno, Magikarp/Gyarados, Eevee/Jolteon
Greek edition Spinark/Ariados Action Flipz-OFFER

2011 Christmas Ornaments-
$2 each
Group ornaments on left and middle board-$4 each
SOLD: Middle Lg Wreath

Tags: auction, charms, figures, kids, plush, pokecen, sales, zukan
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