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Collection Update!

So, I've managed to aquire a ton of things since I've joined here! I'd like to share them with you. Here is the first picture of my memo board collections of charms and flats that I posted, back in June ish I believe.


And After:

I'm not sure how to start! But here goes,with charms!

I recieved this cute little delcatty charm first! (well, after the Leafeon, bt I've already posted about her) I really do like delcatty, and this charm was just a bit of an impulse buy.

Of course I had to add Glaceon to the batch, since I got leafeon! I ADORE this charm! Sorry for the bad photo, lighting was horrid

This is my first actualy set of charms! I was going to sell off pichu and Pikachu, since I hate pikachu's new art (sorry), but having a set just feels so... satisfying. I don't even want to open itto add them to the charm bracelet.

Next up, we have N merch! I've never been into humans before, but N just captured my heart. I had to collect him!

This was the first N merch I ever bought! I love this card, the art is just so cool!

I bought these can badges along with the Pika line charms, mainly because I didn't think I'd be able to get my hands on the metal fastener. It was a want of mine, but it wasn't a huge priority. And, of course, as my luck would have it:
Not more than like, a half hour after I purchased the can badges, Denkimouse said there was an extra one of these that I could have! So happy.

And of course, the grail of my N collection:
The clearfie folder! This was all thanks to a Pokevault coupon and my loving boyfriend who purchased it for me. I absolutely ADORE this art for N, he just looks so cute and innocent like he should XD

And now on to the plush!!!

After a long wat, I finaly got this cutie in the mail! I love love love him! So cute and so derp and he's hanging on my canopy along with Victini and Tynamo MPC

No more than a day after I joined (if even) I jumped into a GA to go after this beauty! He'd been my new grail after I got my Vulpix/Raichu canvas, and I just had t go for it. So happy I did! He sits on the shelf next to my bed with all my other plush, and I just get so happy whenever I look over at him. The first thing I did was share a choclate bar with him, since you know how much Lucario loves chocolate and all xp

This is the most satisfying plush I've gotten so far, mainly because of the tag! It's the first one I've gotten in a while with tags! So cute and soft and happy. This was also courtesy of my boyfriend. (Hehe don't worry, I've got sometihng on the way for him too!)

So that about sums it up! I still have two more plush on the way, a Pokecen Minccino from epcott that my friend still has to drop off, and a cute little Phanpy plush that I won in a GA, but that won't be coming until next week, so I figured I may as well not wait. I was just so excited by the N folder and the azurill today that I had t post XD Thanks to all the sellers who got all of this aweosme stuff to me! I'm so happy I've joined this cmmunity (though my wallet isn't really). For regular updates on my collection you can visit my website! I post in the "Updates" section the day that I get something new =D Thanks for reading! Happy collecting <3


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