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Custom Walky Pokemon Coasters

Hey everyone~
I'm opening up a few slots for custom coasters, in the style of the Walky Pokemon promotion. They're not hard like the actual promotion coasters (I assume?) but quite soft; fabric with a rubber backing. (Found out the official coasters are just paper).

They're $12 each.
You can chose what's in the speech bubble (standard icons are: heart, smiley face, musical note; but anything simple will do)~
I can have a shot at non-Pokemon if you want.

I will send you a proof once after completing the sketch and once before ordering, just to make sure you're happy with the art.

If you want to buy Oshawott, he's up for sale for $8 [sold]

No matter how many you purchase:
-Shipping to the UK will be $3.
-Shipping to Europe will be $4.
-Shipping to everywhere else will be $5.

-Please have payment ready within 24hr of reserving a slot.
-All payments to be sent to jade1.4[at]
-Please put your LJ username in a Paypal note, when you pay.
-Sales permission received from denkimouse on 01/01/2011.
-My feedback can be found here.

1- floette keldeo ;
2- kriscarmi girafarig 
3- squeakaree 
pachirisu, buneary
4- sugar0coated jolteon, umbreon 
5- tyltalis altaria, keldeo(r) ;
6- killmeneko flareon 
7- sorjei 
8- nightmare_chan2 litwick 
9- lyndsaygorawr deino, haunter 


Slots are full - no more now~     

To everyone who's bought from my sales, all packages have been shipped out (unless I've told you otherwise)~ I'll be replying to individual PMs and leaving feedback shortly. Thanks everyone! ^^

Also, I've finally got back to working on my Slowking collection site (which also doubles up as a shrine/place with lots of tl;dr info xD). Will hopefully be opening it up in a week or so's time, so watch out for that~
Tags: custom, oshawott, sales
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